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ITV chef James Martin issued an apology after he kicked a guest live on air when they told him off for his cooking method on Morning Kitchen.

James Martin kicks Mike Reid after getting a telling off

chef apologised to guest Mike Reid before kicking him on air after he called him out on his cooking method live on air.

James and Mike dished up a delicious-looking white truffle and ricotta agnolotti, which is a type of stuffed pasta, as the guests waited on in anticipation.

As Mike served up the sauce onto the pasta parcels, he told James: “You went a bit rogue with your playing but I’ll let you off chef.”

James said: “Sorry chef, did go a bit rogue… time is ticking on and all,” as he tapped Mike on the side while pulling a face at the camera.

He then turned and lightly kicked Mike’s behind as he said: “I’ve never really kicked a chef before.”

James Martin on ITV Saturday Morning

James Martin kicked a guest after he called out his cooking method (Image: ITV)

James Martin on ITV Saturday Morning

James and Mike had an awkward moment while plating up (Image: ITV)

Mike responded: “That’s twice today,” as he finished off the meal, but James couldn’t resist getting in another swipe.

He said: “Well at least I can count, you’ve got three and three two chef,” as Mike responded: “That was you!”

James said: “Well you only gave me…” as he tailed off to count as Mike added: “No that’s for us,” leading James to go: “Oh alright then.”

Mike then said: “I’m a chef, I’m not a mathematician,” and James cheekily responded: “I can tell,” as they finished off the pasta to serve up.

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James Martin on ITV Saturday Morning

James lightly kicked Mike as the pair served the food (Image: ITV)


    The group then tucked into the dish, but the jibes didn’t stop there as Mike branded the dish “simple and accessible,” leading James to call him out.

    He reached for the truffle and said: “Simple and accessible truffle, he’s going to buy it all, yeah you’re going to be able to do this at home, it will be great.”

    James then put his arm around Mike and said to the camera: “Mike Reid everybody”, as the chef was applauded on set.

    James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs Saturdays at 9.30am on ITV1.

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